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1st michael madsen community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
1st michael madsen community

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Happy birthday! [25 Sep 2007|10:42am]


Well, 49! Be happy, Michael! Good luck and take care!

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[25 Feb 2007|08:58pm]

[ mood | jubilant ]

So the other day I was at my friendly dollar store, randomly browsing the aisles.  I come to the DVD section and do a double take, because I could have sworn I had just seen Michael Madsen on the shelf.  I look again, and indeed, I see a familiar promo shot on the cover of Against All Hope, which claims to be Michael's acting debut.  Of course I bought it (the price was right).  

This movie is HILARIOUS!  And it's so bizarre to see Michael Madsen before his voice became insanely raspy and deep! 
Anyway, I just wanted to share my lucky find.

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Free Willy! [03 Feb 2007|12:16am]

[ mood | bored ]

First ever Free Willy community!


Plz join ;'( for Willy!

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Happy birthday! [25 Sep 2006|11:27pm]

Congratulations, dear Mike! Best regards!
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Tons of FO Banners [19 Jul 2006|05:49pm]

5 x Pirates of the Caribbean (4x Jack, 1x Will/Jack)
1 x Michael Madsen
6 x Jake Gyllenhall
17 x Johnny Depp
2 x Hodges (CSI)
1 x Nick/Hodges/Greg (CSI)
6 x Tim Roth

Can be found here
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This is my Madsen tattoo. [22 May 2006|08:59am]

[ mood | stoked ]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Its not done yet I have to go back in 2 weeks to touch it up and get the quote.

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This is totally rad you guys.. [20 May 2006|04:43pm]

Im getting Michael Madsen tattooed on my leg tomorrow. I thought I would share it with you guys because nobody else really cares and I thought this group would think it was rad...I hope. Someone already told me it was the most stupid idea ever. Fuck it. Im stoked about it. Ill post a picture of it next week.
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[12 May 2006|01:17pm]

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From the official site... [05 May 2006|11:36am]

[ mood | amused ]

I know you've probably already seen this, since it's on the official site, but I just discovered it yesterday.  I had never taken the time out to watch it before. It made my day. :D

Also, does anybody know what the story with that is?  Is it actually a scene from some movie, or a behind the scenes thing?  And if so, behind the scenes of what?  Just curious...

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Hi! [25 Apr 2006|01:36am]

[ mood | amused ]

I joined recently, but thus far hadn't contributed anything.  

I don't know if it's made the rounds yet, but I found this little gem on YouTube.  Make sure you watch the whole thing, because they come back to him.

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